Monday, February 8, 2010

There are No happy Hookers

Prostitution is on the upswing for The Games.

Lorna Dueck has written a first-rate column in the Globe today.

The article does not share the popular view.

"The vast majority of the girls I know who have exited prostitution have told of being drawn into the sex trade by coercion and controlled by violence."

This is a quote from a Toronto youth worker.

That understanding is in complete opposition to the one held by former Vancouver Mayors Sam Sullivan and Larry Campbell and any number of "official experts" on the subject.

These fools talk about "sex workers" and try to place the practice in the comfort zone of a legitimate industry.

Sullivan goes further.

He wants to give young women hard core narcotics to keep them "happy."

There is ugliness amongst us - and sometimes it is smiling and elected and privileged.

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