Saturday, March 14, 2009


The criminal justice system will be on hold for 10 weeks before, during and after the Gordon Games.

RCMP and other police will be too busy on security assignments to testify in local courts.

This peculiar news raises another other questions.

Will policing in general be "on hold" at the same time?

Does this make the calendar period from January 15 to March 26, 2010 a great time to commit murder, robbery, rape and other public mayhem?

The other day we pointed out in this space (DISRUPTION) the disturbing and undemocratic power now given to VANOC.

This is what I wrote:

"VANOC is now apparently the highest form of government in the land, unelected though it may be. VANOC can close streets, re-route traffic hire or buy buses by the freight load and do just about any darn thing it wants to in order to make its famous Games work."

How little I knew in the dark days of Thursday.

Now we learn that VANOC can close the court system (such as it is) and throw a major bone to all the scofflaws of the earth.


(By the way, I suddenly remember that when I posted "DISRUPTION" on Thursday a guy from a local ad agency sent me an email.

This what he said.


That kept me laughing all day.

Imagine a guy in an ad agency, whose entire life and source of income are supposed to be creativity. His family spends that fortune to send him to Quick Quip School, where he graduates with Honors, especially in the Fast Comeback category.

And what he comes up with when he disapproves of something is "Dickhead!"

Sharp, buddy.

I'm intuiting that what he didn't like was my slagging the Games. I realize that it is practically a criminal offense in this part of the gulag these days to not be in full cheerleader mufti, pom-poms afurled.

"Dickhead!" The man's a genius. No doubt the agency's Creative Director. Don't you want this guy lading the next new client pitch.)

What VANOC can also do is make it against the law for you to protest, no matter how humbly, the riotous financial and social costs of the these Gord games.

I've been thinking about standing at the corner of Georgia & Granville at noon - just before I leave for Melbourne, of course - with a placard that says,


Does any one in the room remember voting for VANOC in any public election of any kind?

This has become the greatest example of taxation without representation that I can recall.

Shut down the streets, shut down the police, shut down the courts, shut down mom-&-pop businesses. Close the schools.


dmc said...

i wonder what peter mackay's troops will be doing?

bc gov. employee's can be paid to volunteer.
what a grand idea!
if only a leader could do the same for those on welfare...

Anonymous said...

This has me wondering, I used to go to school with a Dick Head. I wonder if he is in advertising now? Hmm..............

Anonymous said...


"(By the way, I suddenly remember that when I posted "DISRUPTION" on Thursday a guy from a local ad agency sent me an email.

This what he said.


Excuse me, what local ad agency did this man work for? It certainly sounds like a company that lacks intelligent employees who seem to have way too much time on their hands! Maybe the gentleman who sent the email should seek other employment - maybe Transclunk.

Anonymous said...

I do not support the olympdicks. I think they are a huge waste of money. So from one dickhead to another David, keep pointing out the endless lists and the bottomless pits of waste that we call the "games"

Anonymous said...

David, We elected the Liberals to govern the province, but for the last 8 years they have been busily offloading all responsibilities onto groups of people that are answerable to nobody. Vanoc,BC Rail, BC Ferries, Taxlink, BC Hydro, MSP, Provincial Hghways.. the list goes on. Why are we surprised that the lower mainland is being run by Vanoc They have one priority; to see a successful Games. They couldn't care less whether you and I can get to our offices or homes. That's OK with the premier. No blame to attach there. I guess the next step will be outsourcing the leg. Maybe to Alberta. I'm sure that they could run the province better than this. Now that would be a great P3.. then again... maybe I'm just a "Bad British Columbian"

Anonymous said...

I spoke to a friend in Calgary last week. Told her about the cost over-runs and other nonsense here--gov't employees paid to volunteer, etc.She said none of this happened in the 1988 Calgary Olympics. So who is the most corrupt person in this Province? A trip to Melbourne for the correct answer.