Sunday, December 31, 2006


May we all find health and prosperity in the New Year.

For the rest , I wish that:

- All the bureaucrats, mandarins, public officials and elected poseurs do considerably less harm than they did this past year and the year before that and the year before that.That would be real HARM REDUCTION!
- India finds water and China food for their slaked and starving masses.
- Someone (the UN, Bono, Stephen Lewis) is allowed to deliver medicines to all the HIV/AIDS expectant mothers in Africa.
- The United Nations become a real and vital force in our world, instead of the costly and anaemic eunuch that it is now.
- India seeks water before it seeks more nuclear power.
- North Korea feeds its women and children before its army.
- Our consumerism and materialism is offset each day by some modest acts of humanism and kindness.
- The religion of Capitalism is tempered on occasion by humanism and kindness and parity and equal wages for equal work.
- Religions the world over abandon hate - hate of each other, hate of The Other.
- Israel is allowed to live in peace and prosperity.
- Arabs and Palistinians are allowed to live in peace and prosperity.
- Scorsese and Tarintino find other hobbies.
- Someone writes a Broadway musical or a movie with a tuneful song in it.
- Television reality shows are replaced post haste by comedies and dramas, written by writers and acted by actors.
- THE CIVIL SOCIETY descends on us all.