Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jerry Wexler

Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Led Zepplin, Bob Dylan.

What did they all have in common?

Jerry Wexler.

Mr. Wexler, giant pop music producer, has died.

Read the National Post obit here.

Clement vs. The Accepted Wisdom

Federal Health Minister Tony Clement is on a mission.

And it is a dangerous one.

Wish him luck and pray for him.

Clement is bucking all the accepted wisdom and all the official stories about safe injection sites.

Like you, he knows that these are hideous mistakes that help very few.

He knows that numbers and facts have been endlessly manipulated by doctors and social workers and politicos to support a program that is a deadly waste.

A few days ago, Clement said all of these things in public at a convention.

Yesterday, he said it again in the den of the enemy.

Addressing the Canadian Medical Association, Clement said, "Over the last five years, while Insite has been operating, we could have provided treatment to 5,000 addicts. Instead, during that time, 250 addicts have died of drug overdose alone," adding that the vast majority of injections still take place in back alleys and seedy hotels, and the centre's $3-million annual cost would be better spent elsewhere.

Of course, he has been viciously attacked for stating the politically incorrect truth.

Earlier this week, the Conservatives sent out a mailing decrying free needles and safe injection sites.

They are to be applauded heartily for this.

And they are to be given standing ovations if and when they provide money for real treatment.