Sunday, April 11, 2010


The sun has been shining for a day or two now.


How Many Ways Can I say, "NO?"

Could ex-Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan be the next governor-general?

This is the question asked in a Province headline this morning.

Let me give you the answer.


Sullivan is a mean-spirited, self-serving deceitful unworthy candidate.

On the other hand...

A good way to keep him from his many pet

A Trucker Writes...

David, I drive a truck for a living. I own the truck and I am faced with a variety of challenges.

Ive been doing this since 1973. For all of the 70s and most of the 80s trucking seemed invisible on our roads. Then we deregulated. All of the major trucking companies went out of business. CP Transport, Johnston Terminals, Alltrans, Motorways the list goes on and on.

The days of a driver starting out in a small truck and slowly moving up to a semi with 600plus horsepower and pulling up to 60,000 plus kgs ended.Today if you can afford about $2500 you've got a class one license. A truck can be had for next to nothing because they have become worthless due to incredible competition. Trucks are now very visible. They are often found on their sides ,in ditches , and crashed all over the interior of BC.
Federal minister of immigration was on TV and he said that Canada needed to fill thousands of unskilled positions. The next phrase out of his mouth almost made me sick. "Yes we need thousands of truck drivers"
Hes right , anyone that wants to drive a truck can and if a lack of training, a lack of inspectors happens to cost a few lives , SO BE IT!. Dead farm workers are a cost of doing business. Dead and injured people on our roads and highways are a cost of cheap groceries. Cheap building materials , cheap you name it.

We have a third world work force and a third world mentality. Its what the country wants. CHEAP labor.

Its not just trucking . Next time you get on a plane think about the stiff competition that airlines face. Think how they have had to cut costs. Lay off mechanics. Increase time between scheduled maintenance. Keep older planes in the air longer. Yes its just a cost of doing business.

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