Thursday, July 26, 2007

Charter Rights are my Shield

Rupidaman Malik was acquitted of involvement in the Air India mass murders.

When he applied for bail in 2000, he listed his net worth at $10 Million.

Three years later, he claimed he was broke and applied for legal aid, which he received.

To this day, he owes you and me and the Province of B.C. $6.4 Million for his defense.

Now, his son, a lawyer, Jaspreet Singh Malik has been cited by the Law Society of B.C. for his (mis)conduct during this entire charade.. The Society claims Malik, Jr. aided his father in hiding Malik Sr."s true wealth, so he could claim relief from Legal Aid.

The best part of this hideous tale is that Malik Jr is now calling on his Charter Rights in his argument that he doesn't have to testify to the Law Society!

This story is sickening.

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Justice Blinded Again.

The cop in charge of the police department's school liason program is busted for child pornography.

He gets a 12-month conditional sentence.