Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tyee Scoops the Dailies, 3-0

Why has it taken http://thetyee.ca to reveal the questionable connections of 3 BC cabinet ministers?

In 3 separate stories yesterday, writers for the local online news source showed possible conflicts of interest for Rich Colman, Barry Penner & Gordon Hogg.

This morning I asked thetyee editor, David Beers, about these stories and he laughed, "It didn't really take deep investigative journalism. Just some basic looking up of the facts."

And where have our local dailies been on these stories?

Read all three pieces:


and here...

and then here.

Victor Takes on The World - Saudis, France, the Democrats...

No presidential trip to Saudi Arabia would be complete without a gift of deadly weapons. President Bush has continued that tradition that stretches back to Kennedy.

For those Canadians who believe that a Democrat victory will mean an end to international meddling, I remind them that it was a Democrat administration that sent 560,000 soldiers to VietNam, where 50,000 died. Not to mention 2 million VietNamese. Nothing will change in November 2008 unless America ceases to need oil. The irony is no amount of weapons will protect Saudi Arabia from its certain and eventually successful foe, namely the millions of saudi extremists who long for a return to the 7th century. When that happens, and it will, the Saudi Princes will return to doing what their grandfathers did; warming their hands over dried camel dung fire in the desert night. Princes my royal purple ass.
Then there's France, the world's shit disturber. France announced it will provide civilian nuclear technology to the Saudis. Like they need nuclear electricity? This tiresome country of Francxe has created havoc for two centuries trying to recapture its Napoleonic glory. After performing its surrender monkey act in two world wars, precipitating the VietNam war and coddling Saddam, it is at it again.

Private Security or real Police?

Congratulations to the Vancouver Police Union. They are suing the City for its pathetic decision to spend close to a million taxpayer dollars on "ambassadors."

The so-called "ambassadors" are private security employees. Their usefulness and accomplishments are more than questionable.

The police want more police.

Kim Capripants is one of the great supporters of this mistaken initiative. Nuff said?

Where's my Dramamine?

Big Transit Announcement.

Smoke & Mirrors. Blah, blah, blah.

The Monumental Premier - better than a Mental Mayor, I guess - wants so hard to belong to the WAC Bennett class, leaving behind him steel and concrete memorials - the Gord This, the Campbell That.

2020? That used to mean eyesight.

Sounds Fishy to Me

I ordered 2 pieces of halibut the other day. The bill was $26.95.

I told the Safeway clerk to put it back in the window and give me 2 pieces of cod. The bill was $10 something.

Even so.

What's with that?