Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quote & Foto of the Month

Two huge and tragic stories dominated the local news today - the multiple homicide in a Surrey high rise and the small aircraft crashing into a Richmond high rise.

From the first comes the quote of the month. Corporal Dale Carr of the RCMP said, "Generally, Surrey is a safe community, but at this time it is difficult for us to say who's safe and not safe."

From the second, comes the foto of the month. (Not this foto. Go to Page A5) Look, right there in the crowd gawking at the hole in the apartment building where the plane plowed into it is a man clutching his Starbucks coffee. God forbid, he should stare pointlessly at loss of human life without also eating or drinking. The Me Generation comes to the funeral.

We are the World - NOT!

Bob Rennie sells another dream in False Creek and, of course, has to call it "a world address."

Then, Peter Birnie, the Sun theatre critic, talking about a play in town says it is "worthy of any world stage."

Would this little fishing village grow up and stop crowing this nonsense, please.

Doesn't The Premier Know the Rules?

If various policing agencies are investigating the role of former deputy minister, Ken Dobell, as a lobbyist and the stink continues about Graham Bruce not declaring that he is a lobbyist...why has none of the mess clung to the common party in these two stories?

That would be your Premier Gordon Campbell.

Talking Back to Ben

There have been many responses to Ben Stein's editorial posted here yesterday.

Here is one that is equally worth the read.