Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sgt. Toner's Rant

Our good friend Steve has found the link to the Province editorial by Sgt. Mark Toner. Please read it. It's bang on.

Let's Teach Children the "right" Way to Shoot Drugs

Vancouver Police Sgt. Mark Toner wrote a marvelous 2-page editorial in the Sunday, Sept. 30th edition of The Province. I can't seem to raise it on the net, but you may be smarter at these things than I.

The subject was the Four Pillars and in every possible way, Sgt. Toner nailed it.

What was astonishing, however, was his telling us that Ann Livingston, the woman who heads up VANDU, the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, wants to go into grade 4 classrooms and teach kids how to safely inject heroin should the need arise in their dark little futures.

There are many politicians and bureaucrats who listen seriously to this harridan.

How appalling is that?

Premier Wrong on Insite

Premier Gordon Campbell's father was a drunk. The man committed suicide when Gordon was a boy. Gordon himself has a drunk driving blemish on his personal record.

You would think that Campbell would have more sense or insight then into addiction issues.

Perhaps he does. ho will ever know as long he continues to make health and welfare decisions for the worst possible political reasons.

Campbell has spoken out in favour of keeping the safe injection site open.

That is a shame.

Vital Signs Skewed By Sampling

The Vancouver Foundation's Vital Signs 2007 report card is an ambitious and, we can only hope, ultimately useful document.

We can agree whole-heartily and sadly with our failing scores in transportation, the gap between rich and poor and housing. And we can question the citizen grading panel's B rating for arts and culture. Have they never travelled?

However, there is an underlying problem with all of this, and that is the methodology of the study.

The citizen panels came from "over 400 civic, non-profit and business leaders and other informed members..."

What about UNinformed citizens, ordinary Joes and Janes? The panelists are the usual suspects, the haves, the elites, the blithely comfortable.

The organizations involved included people like the Social Planning and Research Council of BC, a typical make-work project for bureaucrats.

Ask the artists and actors and directors and dancers about the state of Art in Vancouver. Ask the immigrant about putting his Masters degree to work.

Michael Feinstein and Rosemary Clooney

Michael Feinstein sings Gershwin at the Library of Congress

Not only a terrific singer, but a great musicologist.