Monday, October 8, 2007


No doubt we will learn to cope.

But the prospect of this infernal city strike riding into the New Year is infuriating.

Those of us with a few bucks in our jeans will call the private garbage haulers and pay to remove the stink and the bother.

But what about seniors who depend on their daily visit to the library? Kids and students who have Swim Club?

My heart is generally and in principle on the side of unions.

But I say to my union friends if you think job security is an attainable goal in the modern world, you've got to change your meds.

Americans don't have enough Regular Soldiers?

What is Blackwater doing in Iraq to begin with?

Iraq has been a diamond mine for American contractors of every kind, bringing billions of taxpayer dollars into the hands of oil, food, clothing, cement, and insect repellent suppliers.

But soldiers-for-hire? At twice the wage of the Yankee grunt?

Yes, kings and despots have been hiring farm boys for murder from the beginning of time.

Now, the Blackwater thugs are being exposed. So?

The corruption in this deadly, stupid campaign is breathtaking.
The NY Times editorial is overly polite, but on target.

Can't Act, Can't Debate, Can't Be Prez

The NY Times, normally a litmus test for reliability, has shot itself in at least one foot this morning.

Their article about that idiot gadfly, Fred Thompson, the Law & Order D.A. who would be President, is titled, "He can act, but can he Debate?"

Well, there. They got it wrong at the get-go. Mr. Thompson hasn't the first clue about acting. When you look up "Johnny One Note" in Wikipedia, his driver's license appears.

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