Friday, March 13, 2009


My son and I had a wicked thought over breakfast yesterday.

Elect Carole James in May and rob Gordon Campbell of his Big Wet Dream - Crying with happiness in public at the Gordo Games.

I know.

It's cruel.

But we are simple folk. We cannot help ourselves.


The Davies commission of Inquiry into the death of Frank Paul has rendered, among others, two very important recommendations.

The first is something that many of us have been hollering about for ages - a civilian office to investigate all police-related deaths.

The police investigating the police is stupid and unproductive. It must go.

The police must be answerable to the people who pay them to serve and protect.

The second recommendation calls for a civilian "sobering centre."

The police pick up a drunk for whatever reason, fine. Step One: the drunk goes to a civilian detox, where he or she is first "cared for" and the risk of dying mysteriously in the hands of hostile or indifferent people in uniform is minimized or eliminated.

Why does it take inquiries such as this to raise the obvious?

And when, if ever, can we hope to see tfese imminently sensible changes come to life?

Slowly, the screw turns

The defense team in the Basi-Virk trial have won an interesting concession from the court.

They will be allowed to subpoena the phone and email records of named MLA's.

Which I think is a good thing.

Then only question is...where is the crown on this? Wouldn't you expect the crown to ask for these kinds of evidence?

And yesterday, the name of Patrick Kinsella was uttered in this court case.

What can it all mean?


Blackmailed by a Jeep

Chrylser has resorted to blackmail.

Give us a cookie or we'll leave.

Very grown-up.

Among other concessions and hand-outs demanded, they want Canada Revenue Agency to back off on the $500,000 lien it has put on its Brampton, Ontario plant.


Obviously, these rubes have never dealt with the kindly folks at CRA before.

As one who has, let me assure you there is no madder dog in the yard than a CRA sniper on a mission.

To Chrysler Canada and its threats to move south, we offer the words of that great American folk poet, J. Joplin, who once gloriously sang, "Bye Bye Baby Bye-Bye..."