Tuesday, February 20, 2007

$$$ Follow the Money $$$

Ah, the ironies.

Finance Minister Carole Taylor is shown smiling her unquestionably beautiful smile with her lovely red Wizard of Oz budget shoes. The next story in this morning's Sun tells of 5 women being arrested for protesting social service cuts.

The women appeared at Ms. Taylor's constituency office and chained themselves together. It took police hours to disentangle the women, who now may be charged with "mischief."

But it is Ms. Taylor, the Premier and Stan Hagen, who was previously the Minister entirely not responsible for Children and Families, who should be charged with mischief, for it is they who have consistently abandoned the neediest and most vulnerable amongst us, while towering monuments are being built.

Ms. Taylor says of these women, whom I applaud, that "it's the kind of demonstration that should be condemned in British Columbia."


Rather, it is governments that ignore the suffering of Children and Families, that slash day care funding and built castles in the sand that should be condemned.

Castles in the sand? Hagen?

Yesterday I carried on about the ever expanding costs of the Trade & Convention Centre Expansion, predicting that it will cross the finish line late and over a Billion Dollars.

Today, Vaughn Palmer continued the story in the Vancouver Sun on page A3.

You Know His Name...

The New Bond Video is a Scream!


An astonishing little piece appeared in the New York Times this morning. It regards plans to monitor every phone call and internet usage in the European union. Read the story here.