Tuesday, September 8, 2009


For those of us who like to continue to believe that terrorism is someone else's problem, witness the convictions yesterday in London, England of the bomb plotters.

Three men were found guilty of a lovely scheme to blow up several airliners at once. Two of the targeted aircraft were Scare Canada flights, one heading for Toronto, the other for Montreal.

How kind of these lunatics to recognize our Two Solitudes.

The tools were things found around the house and anyone with enough time and hate on their hands could hatch a similar plot.

What is equally neat is that each of these horrible mad men were London-born Muslims. (There are now more mosques in London than Christian churches.) The dears took little side trips to Pakistan and Afghanistan for "training."

Credit must be given to the police agencies who tracked these fools and caught them before they could blow thousands of innocent human beings out of the sky.

Dangers Abound

Today, President Obama speaks to school children.

This is a traditional communication used by American presidents for years.

In a pre-released copy of the speech, Obama encourages the children to be responsible for themselves.

Really incendiary, isn't it?

Republicans are demanding that schools and teachers and children refuse to listen to this hateful message.

Is Fox so-called "News" just about the worst thing that ever happened to so-called journalism?

Are the Republicans completely mad these days?

Tomorrow, Obama takes his health care message to Congress. Wish him luck. Let's hope he is clear and exact about what he wants. Let's hope that his program includesa government-run option.

What's in a Word?

Writing in this morning's Globe, Rod Mickleburgh is generally upbeat about the enthusiastic participation of aboriginals in the Olympic ceremonies and rituals.

However, when he gets around to mentioning protest, he feels it necessary to call the Olympic Resistance Network "strident."

'scusa me?

I am not a member of any "Network," but I have raised my concerns with the Olympic games enough times in this column to be reasonably viewed as a protester.

But strident?

You can hear my shrieks and whelps?

Oh, excuse me. That's just my busy and fabulous sex life seeping through the transoms of your mind.

There is a terribly funny and telling piece of business in an old Seinfeld episode in which Kramer, participating in an AIDS walk, refuses to wear the red ribbon.

For his individuality, he is rewarded by a severe beating from his fellow AIDS walkers.

The Tyranny of the Majority.

Now we have the official version in print.

If you find 2010 a bit much, a misuse of public funds, a little ski party gone mad, the you are Barbra Strident.



Half of Canadians struggling with literacy: study


And those are just the elected officials.

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