Sunday, November 9, 2008

Connect the Dots

The line from General Motors to the Cambie Bridge is direct, unavoidable and frightening.

General Motors is a breath away from Don't Bother to Resuscitate.

They have suffered from insufferable mis-management.

The story about two keys - one for the door and one for the trunk - says it all. They couldn't find a CEO who would holler down the line, "One effing key, you eejits!"

And putting all your yeggs in the SUV basket made real sense. As much sense as Lehman Brothers putting all their yeggs in sub-prime mortgages.

Now if GM goes - and we can feel the vacuum rush already - what fun effect will that have on economies round the world?

Iceland is broke? Good grief. There are no safe havens. Unless you're one of the the regular Davos lunchers and you're privy to the Harbours of the Night, wherever they may be.

You think the Olympic Village project is going to be just fine? What's your name, Pete McMartin? What are you injecting these days? No wonder so many educated people support Insite - they know they may need it soon for themselves.

VillageGate has just begun. The mud will thicken considerably. The more you hear a Larry Campbell burp from the Red Chamber "Everything is fine," the more you should worry.

Now, the Vision team is re-writing history.

In George Orwell's "Animal Farm," the pigs, who rule, begin each day by re-writing yesterday on the side of the barn walls.

Gregor Robertson, Raymond Louie et al are calling for a re-vote on the Millennium Loan Caper. They have the bald-faced audacity to claim, on behalf of Louie and other Vision incumbents who were there at the in-camera Give-Away Barbecue and who voted Ay, in favor, that "there were facts we didn't have."


Presumably, Ladner and Sullivan and the NPA folks didn't have these mind-altering facts either.
What were they all injecting?

This is poli-spin of the most transparent kind.

Get real.

To save his bid for the Mayor's chair, Peter Ladner must give the voters something, some small tidbit of real information, some assurance - if any is possible - that there is a clean upside to this story somewhere in the future.

Until that happens...

The deal stinks, everyone was part of it, shut up and vote already.

New Kid of the Block

Please note that I have added a new blog your right...The Gazetteer.

Try him, you'll like him...

Cynics, Beware

Some of you may have been unhappy that I haven't published your comments on Barack Obama's election.

Some of you are cynical and superior about everything.

Loosen up. Try to be gracious and hopeful for a moment. You might even smile, who knows?

Obama has enormous challenges ahead, and no doubt he will stumble, even stumble badly.

But try to keep the blades sheathed until they're really needed.

Until then, allow yourself to consider that a decent and intelligent man - not a god, and certainly a wily politician - is now in the place where a fool has reigned for eight years. That alone should be cause enough for celebration. If you can allow yourself that.

In the meantime, read Maureen Dowd's reflection on matters presidential in the NY Times of the other night, thanks to my good buddy, Bill.

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