Friday, November 14, 2008


Here's my last commentary for a while.

The Vancouver Sun editorial, on the day before the municipal elections, goes on for several weighty paragraphs and then (has the good taste?) doesn't have the male dangly parts to endorse either Peter Ladner or Gregor Robertson.

And you wonder why I cancelled my subscription.

At the good advice of my two dearest friends in the world, I am taking a real break.

The Berner Monologues blog will be shut down for the next two weeks. It will re-open on Friday, November 28th.

Most forlorn among you will be the extremely bereft and sick man who hates me so much, he lives only to read my blog and send me his daily hate mail.

Dear Hating Man With No Apparent Other Purpose,

I hope, in the coming 14 days, you find some dog to bark at or grocery clerk to suspect of cheating you. I pray you may latch onto some other radio show, TV program or website that excites your juices as much as my work does.

I pray also for your family. You must a beach party on wheels.

For all the rest of you...

Bon vacance, bon chance, don't let the new Vision City Council, Park Board and School Board depress you too much.

Walk, swim, read, talk, laugh, sing...