Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In the Wilderness

The video below is a sad commentary on the blindness of mankind.

A gay couple, no doubt offended by the opinions and declarations and politics of Sarah Palin, hang an effigy by the throat from their house.

They excuse their inexcusable behaviour by calling this atrocity "a joke."

Do they not know the history of their own country?

I don't like Sarah Palin either and I shudder when I see people enthralled by her.

But it would never occur to me for a second to do something this reckless.

What these two deluded fools are calling "a joke" is in fact a deeply angry act of hatred and hostility. And it is an incitement to violence.

Can they imagine if someone had done the same thing and called the hanging dummy "Mr. Fag?"

Not Bad Taste, Not Funny...Truly Sick

The Idea Machine

Nick Caumanns is an Independent candidate for school trustee in Surrey.

He says he's trying to spark new ideas.

Too bad his are all wet.

Nick wants to pass a law limiting homework for all those overburdened kids and their terribly stressed parents.

Nick also wants to pay teachers $500 to coach football teams.

Back to the lab, Nick.

But keep sending in all those cards and letters, Babe.

We hear ya...

My Vote

Carole James says she'll axe the (carbon) tax and raise the minimum wage to $10.

Works for me.

Oh Say Can You See?

The day after an eight-year old kills himself by firing an Uzi into his head at a gun show, we learn that in the land of the free and the home of the brave there is a principle -"Hard economic times always result in firearm sales. People buy firearms during periods of uncertainty."

And also, I suppose, take their children to gun shows and let them play with automatic rifles.

Americans are so enamored with their guns that many are still angry at the lefty, John McCain, because he actually had the temerity to support onerous gun-control measures such as requiring purchasers to undergo background checks. The commie bastard!

Did you see the report on The Daily Show last night with real Americans worrying themselves sick about the Muslim terrorist, Barack Obama?

This was just after the story broke last night about the wing-nuts who were organizing - if you can call their frat boy ineptitude "organizing" - an Obama assassination.

The greatest country in the world...excuse me...

Wherever you may travel today, stop, get down on your knees and thank whomever or whatever you may believe in that you are on Canadian soil at this time in history.

President McCain

President McCain

"We are winning the war in Iraq. We are winning the war in Aghanistan."

Proof positive that there are parallel universes at play.