Monday, May 3, 2010


A quick and short blogismatis this morning, folks.

a) I've got an early morning appointment, and

b) What can I say, let alone do, about the Greek economy, the Gulf Spill or bomb threats in Times Square? (Talk about a blockbuster show opening!)

Back with the usual complaints, kvetches, outrage and home-grown solutions to local problems tomorrow.

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Mike MacDonald has left a new comment on your post "THE HST BLUES":

I own a manufacturing company, typical I believe, with 1.5-3 million in sales a year over last 4 years, and 10-12 employees at any given time, in Delta...all probably typical for a small manufacturer...we make very automated machines primary for food, pharmaceutical, and plastics industries.

I had our bookkeeper spend a day exporting the last few years data and then using Excel making a figure that represents how those years would have been with HST instead of PST/GST.

We would have saved, oh yes indeed!
A whomping .3% to .5%. Not 3%, NOT 5%....POINT 3% or POINT 5%! Less than 1% savings from this huge change to my company, which will never offset the added tax on every-ones personal spending!

What savings am I going to pass on to our customers? I must now upgrade our accounting software, and be patient as our staff figure out the new rules...there is no savings David, you are 100% correct.

I was at a Langley City (where I live) open house and the local MLA Marry Polak commented strongly that there would be huge savings as manufactures could have HST rebated...

...I commented that manufactures are currently PST exempt and GST ITC I asked where are the savings from?? Where? How?

Honestly David, she looked surprised and politely told me she has been assured there is a savings for I ask...anyone...where is this savings coming from, what am I missing?

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