Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Day...Puleeeese!

I will have almost every light on in the house, not to mention both microwaves, the oven, the stove, the washer and dryer, the 3 complete sound systems, the TV and DVD, the computer, the blender, the juicer and if I had any sex toys they'd be revved as well...all in my own private counter-celebration called Dave's World Electricity Day, to mark the modern miracle that dragged us away screaming from FUCKING CANDLES!!!

I Have Nothing to Hide

O.K. We'll see about that.

Or will we?

BC's Top Cop has resigned his position while the very police for whom he was responsible continue their investigation into his dealings while mayor of Chilliwack.

John Les has done what he had no other choice to do.


This investigation has been underway since last summer.

Wally Opaque didn't know?

Nobody knew?

Can you say, "Tip of the Iceberg, boys and girls?"

Remember that Les(s) is always more.

Saving $600,000 by Killing an Invaluable Cultural Reality is Detestable

Silencing orchestra is cultural vandalism

Saturday, March 29, 2008
Re: CBC Radio Orchestra axed, Westcoast News, March 28

In attempting to disband one of the finest orchestras on this continent, the CBC has shown its disregard for its own country's cultural legacy. CBC managers are abandoning their responsibility to the people whose best interests they are supposed to serve. I call on the CBC to reverse this reprehensible decision immediately.

I have had the honour of performing as piano soloist with more than 100 different orchestras throughout the world. I happily rank the CBC Radio Orchestra among the top five, in the company of the New York Philharmonic, San Francisco Symphony and the New Japan Philharmonic. The entire nation can be rightly proud of this incredible orchestra which is led by one of today's finest young conductors.

This decision by the CBC amounts to an act of cultural vandalism on a national scale. Imagine the Vancouver Art Gallery stripping its walls of Lawren Harris and Emily Carr because big-eye pictures of animals and clowns sell better. Imagine our libraries tossing out Alice Munro and Margaret Atwood because they are sometimes tough reading and lining their shelves with Harlequin romance novels that attract more readers.

Beginning this Sunday afternoon with a solo recital in Vancouver, I will make a public statement of protest at every Canadian musical engagement in which I appear -- solo, chamber and with orchestra. I call upon my fellow musicians in Canada to do the same.

It is a sad day when artists have to stand up to defend their contributions against the very institutions which were founded to foster cultural understanding, emotional connection and pride in the Canadian character.

Sara Davis Buechner
Concert pianist
Assistant Professor of Music,
University of British Columbia

Did you Need That Tree, Sir?

I have written in this space before that the Muqueam/UBC Golf Course deal was done entirely in back rooms without consultation of any kind between Premier Gordon Campbell and Musqueam chief Ernie Campbell.

Today, the Sun reports that Metro politicians raw screaming about a new provincial law that allows Victoria to seize land - particularly Pacific Spirit park - without compensation.

It's amazing how so-called democratic governments can subvert the very principles they vow to uphold and champion when no one is looking.

The Food Wars

The Food Wars have begun.

But the local press has told us nothing.

Rice has doubled in cost in recent months and food riots have percolated in dozens of countries world-wide.

This is an alarming story and you should be aware if it.

Here is the NY Times coverage.

ELVIS - Watch this entire fascinating, strange's like a capsule comment on the glories and absurditites of Show Biz