Saturday, July 21, 2007

Onwards Strikers

Like you, I am dreading a summer of rotting garbage.

But let me say this before it all starts to get to me:

I am in total sympathy with the workers. Even more so with the forestry workers.

Life is simple.

The CEO's and mandarins live in Shaughnessy (Artist friends excepted.) The workers don't.

Strike till the bastards give you more of what they've got.

Billy Joel - Leningrad

My, my...the Piano Man is really so much more...

Clinton is Not a Black Boy

What the President became famous for a young man will be forever branded "a dangerous sex offender."

Such is the twisted, blind road of criminal justice in America.

And face this fact. Oral sex has been around for a few hundred thousand years. A few million people have endulged. Someone is indulging as we speak. Lucky them.

There is an enormous difference between rape or coercion and consensual activity.
The only difference between this kid and the President is that the kid didn't have the big desk in the oval office to protect him.

Let's hope that this Georgia case clears this young man. If it doesn't serve Clinton with the papers now.