Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Taser Murder

"The RCMP has admitted that it gave wrong information to the public about the circumstances of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski's death. But the force has denied that it lied or suppressed information about the disturbing circumstances of Mr. Dziekanski's death."

Among the highlights of this enormously helpful update is this:

"Sgt. Lemaitre also told reporters in October, 2007, that police tasered Mr. Dziekanski twice, when in fact at least four shocks were delivered. And in another news briefing that month, Sgt. Lemaitre told a reporter there was no video of the event, even though he had already viewed it."

Misinformation, yes.

Lying, no.


Search me...


Soldiers and mounties defending our right to luge in freedom will bunk down on cruise ships during The Big Party.


$56 Million.

Gordon Campbell and George Abbott have announced that the 5,000 care beds they originally announced - and never came remotely near to providing - were actually a semantic error.

It's all in the word, you see.

Who Buys Retail?

Mountain Equipment Co-op, where people who never leave their neighbourhoods can buy North Face jackets to keep themselves warm over lattes, will have an interesting AGM next week.

It is strongly rumored that some one or two will table a resolution to boycott Israeli products.

BC Teachers for Global Peace and Education has been cited as a possible supporter of such a resolution. (I'm still waiting for BC Teachers for Teaching English and Math Skills That'll Pass Muster in First year University.)

The Company will most likely ignore this move and continue to sell Israeli underwear. Oy vay!

Our battles are ever so civil, don't you know?

Is that the brown sugar on your table?

Just call me "LIbel."

On April 5th, I posted an item called Triangulation. It was about the strange confluence of people who just happen to know and see each other a lot. Their names are Gordon Campbell, Patrick Kinsella, David MacLean and Martyn Brown.

CN Rail, BC Rail and a few other small considerations play somewhere in this mystery.

This morning I learn that Kinsella is threatening to sue Carole James and her posse for defamation.

Apparently the NDP have been asking difficult questions about these very same confusions.

Of course, so has every columnist and broadcaster worth his salt.

Kinsella is perfectly right, of course, to defend and protect his reputation.

But shooting the messenger is the oldest tactic in the book.

Real information from Kinsella would be much more re-assuring, but no one is holding his breath.