Friday, August 31, 2007

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Today, the Berner Monologues passed the 20,000 mark in numbers of visits.


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Gordon Campbell's Legacy

Isn't it fun about how you think of something or dream of it in the early morning just before waking and then you get up, put the tea on, pick up the paper and there, right there, on page 3, is what you were thinking or dreaming of?

Such was the case this morning with me and Gordon Campbell.

For no reason that I can fathom, I'd been thinking about Campbell's legacy and how we might be viewed by history. Clearly, old age and prostrate problems are keeping me from more "productive" thoughts.

I was thinking that Campbell will be seen as a guy who played to his strengths; not a bad thing. Money, business, physical projects have thrived and that can only contribute to the common weal.

But children, day care, health, education have received short shrift under Campbell's reign or been ignored utterly.

So sure enough, on page 3, there was Campbell opening a new bridge near Golden.

A very Gordo moment.

I cannot recall similar foto ops around any of the "humanistic" issues that occupy many of our thoughts. Maybe drug addiction, care for the elderly and the like don't take that well to the camera.

Or maybe the Premier is a pretty good manager with a not very warm heart.

Some will argue that the job description doesn't include "must have warm heart."

Leadership, I would argue, must be both strong and compassionate. Tilts in either direction are usually disastrous. But a balance between the two is what we all strive for in our own lives, and what we must always look for in our leaders.

How Many babies is Too many?

Daphne Bramham continues her excellent on-going series of pieces on Polygamy and the so-called Bountiful Community in today's Sun.

But, I had the weirdest thought.

There are 2 photographs of a man named Winston Blackmore. Under each foto, we are told Blackmore has more than 20 wives and...catch this...115 children.

115 children.

Alright. I confess it. My first horrible thought was, "This guy should be put down!"

On more sober reflection...This guy should be put down.

Shouldn't bringing 115 children into the world peopled with homeless, orphaned and poverty-imprisoned children be a major offense?

Isn't there something inherently unwholesome and downright strange about making that many babies?

O.K. I'm small minded. I can't get my pea brain around this concept.

But someone should put this lunatic out to pasture.
Oh, by the way...the foto herein is one of the few monents in Winston's life in which he has been known to wear clothes.

Itsy-Bitsy Spider? FUGETABOUTIT!

For those who like their tales well woven, check out this morning's little gem from the NY Times about the new world in a Dallas public park. It's spooky, it's creepy and it's for real.....