Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ms. May Must Go

Elizabeth May is the leader of the Green Party in Canada.

She has no place in public life.

On Sunday, she delivered a sermon/political speech to a congregation at a London, Ontario United Church.

She is unhappy with Mr. Harper's environmental policies. Many of us are.

But in an act both hysterical and demonstrative of a clear lack of knowledge and understanding of history, Ms. May raised the stakes.

She described the Prime Minister's plan to deal with global warming as "worse than Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of the Nazis."

This is what Ms. May and so many others fail to grasp.

There are no other people like the Nazis. There were only the Nazis. And their crimes were not, as Hannah Arendt and so many others have made clear over the intervening years, were not crimes against 17 Jews or 6 Million Jews or some homosexuals and some Catholics and some intellectuals and some gypsies.

The crimes of the Nazis were crimes against humanity. All of human nature. All human beings.

The Nazis declared, calmly and reasonably, that some categories of people had no inherent right to BE.

I will stop.

The moment Elizabeth May compares a public policy about climate change by the elected Prime Minister of a democratic country to Nazis is exactly the moment she declares herself to be wholly ignorant and unworthy of public office.

May has since refused to back down in her hideous accusation, and the leader of the Federal Liberal party is still committed to a coalition with this fool.

We Were Warned.

Air India must be the worst case of mishandled injustice in Canadian History.

Now we learn that informants and RCMP warned higher-ups well in advance about the plans to bomb an aircarft, and that these warnings were ignored.

The man who built the bombs got 5 years and told us nothing.

The men who planned this monstrosity are free and very public.

Shame on all of us. How do the surviving family members get out of bed each morning?

Ken is Offended

Ken is offended.

He should try it from over here.

What do we see?

We see an excellent civil servant, who no doubt knows many people and many things and no doubt is most efficient at getting things done. Good.

We also see a guy who makes an outrageous amount of money - ALL FROM THE PUBLIC PURSE - working for several masters at once. Not so good, Ken.

Ken doesn't like being called names.

"Lobbyist" is a dirty word in Ken's book. Ouch. Too bad, Ken. That what ya are.

And here's the really really arrogant part. Everything Ken does, he does "in the public interest."

What a nice man. How grateful we all are.

No Sons?

An op-ed piece in the Sun this morning goes on repeatedly about the dangers of plastic bottles to "our daughters." "Our daughters" this, "our daughters" that...
Is this the height of political correctness? Or is this the new Guerrilla Warfare?
Only later, much later, in the article does the writer, Shelley Page, mention that, oh yes, this could also affect..wait for it...boys!
There is something most peculiar about this kind of writing and publishing.