Thursday, November 8, 2007

CBC - Chinese Broadcorping Castration

"Reprehensible" is indeed a good description for the CBC's action of pulling a documentary on the Falun Gong Tuesday night.

They've had many months to review this piece, which they commissioned and paid for. But when the Chinese Embassy called, the Mother Corp folded its bloomers and disappeared.

Shame on these people.

Democracy? Journalism?

How about cowardice? Creepiness?

This is a tried, old brand. It has been a has been for about 30 years now.

Try radical surgery.

Les Changes His Tiny Mind

What a difference a day makes.

Only yesterday, I published an item called "Les is Much, Much Less."

Today, out Top Cop has decided that maybe Kash Heed wasn't so out of line by calling for a discussion on a regional police force. Today, he says, "it's a valid discussion.'

What did they put in his grapefruit juice?

To make matters worse, the Kim CapriPants runner-up, Pam Goldsmith-Jones, the Mayor of West Vancouver, hadn't even read Kash Heed's Sun editorial when Les called her to whine about her new Chief of Police.

Pammy doesn't read the paper?

It is now official - between Vancouver City hall, Richmond, and the provincial Legislature, we have hands-down the worst politicians in the history of British Columbia.

Kim CapriPants is Excited

Kim CapriPants is excited. How wonderful.

We may spend more tax money on "ambassadors" for the downtown cesspool. Tose are those scared, frightened, embarrased looking souls in funny shirts and hats that mingle with the dealers, addicts, thieves, Korean students and Japanese tourists who think that Robson and Granville somehow is Vancouver.

Kimmy feels this is helping with the nutty mayor's Civil City initiative.

Hahahahaha...I'm laughing till I'm crying.

The Police have rightly pointed out that this is money wasted that ahould be spent on more police.

Congratulations, Cambie Merchant!

Susan Heyes, whose fight with the Canada Line has been well-documented on this blog, has won the right to continue her lawsuit against the LIne, the City, the Province, the feds and Transclunk for compensation.

This is true citizenship.

Notice how all the "officials went to court to try to stop her.

"All official stories are lies."

What is "Entertaining" About Granville Street?

The police want more money to patrol the Granville so-called "entertainment" district.

This hell hole should be called the Granville Get Stupid Drunk on Cheap Beer district. What is it exactly that is entertaining about Granville Street downtown?

If it needs more policing - and it does - that cost should be borne entirely by the millionaires who own all the beer parlors.

Why should I pay taxes to make one or two creeps millionaires on beer and misery?

Fire Christsensen. Fire Him Soon Before More Children are Harmed

Another reason for the badly named Tom Christensen, Child and Families Minister to resign: The woman who is supposed to be the representative for children and youth cannot review the deaths of children who are kept in the home of a relative.

For seven months, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond has been asking for this simple and obvious power.

Here's the Minister's response to a seven month delay in something this simple and obvious...oh, did I use the phrase "simple and obvious" already?

"We've been very mindful of her concerns and that's what we are seeking to address shortly."

You know why this boob still has his job?

Because the Premier could care less about this portfolio - Children & Families. No great foto ops. no pouring of cement, no Beckham, Arnie, Harper moments.