Monday, February 26, 2007


What has happened to Cheapskates since we wrote about their city-induced dilemma on January 20th?

Why, absolutely nothing.
Speaking with owner, Barry Gilpin, yesterday we learned the following. (God forbid, the Press, which was all over this story last month, should follow up on anything.)

The City has quietly muttered apologies and assurances that Cheapskates won't really have to close, that Cheapskates won't really have to fingerprint and photograph and take urine and DNA samples from everyone who gives them a pair of old hockey gloves to re-sell.

All of which is to the good.

But what the city hasn't done is told Cheapskates on what legal grounds they may continue to operate.

Thus, the bicycle shop at the corner of Dunbar and 17th, which will soon have to move to make way for a dangerous and badly run drug residence housing program (translate, more corral than program), now faces the difficulty of signing a new 5 year lease with a landlord somewhere in the 'hood when it doesn't really know its future!

Isn't The City a marvel of professionalism and good management?