Saturday, October 6, 2007

Twinning Stories

It's funny the way stories in the press often seem to be reflections or refractions of one another. Here are two examples from today's paper.


In an entire page at the very back of the Vancouver Sun, we are told in bold print that Sept. 28th was International Right to Know Day. Why we didn't know this on Sept. 28th is another story, I suppose.

But the front page is all about THE SEX SURVEY. This is what we needed to know? Who is doing what and to whom and with whom watching and how often?

That survey was first taken in the days of Pliny, the Elder and not much has changed, except that it's no longer cool to wear white robes.


The front page of the B section has twin stories.

One is all about Premier Campbell basking in the glories of his new Port Mann Bridge Twinning and Gateway project. The millions he'll spend, the buses he'll buy, the happiness commuters will feel for years to come.

The other story is the 35 mothers who had to be flown to Seattle since February to give birth to their babies because we don't have enough beds for this fundamental health matter.

Then only thing that would have made this story better is if the lady had had twins.

Byrds -

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