Saturday, June 23, 2007

RUNNING ON EMPTY - Mobile Safe sites

Do we have a "mobile" cardiac unit (other than your basic ambulance) operating in BC?

Do we have "mobile" osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer, emphysema, depression, erectile dysfunction units screeching through the streets? Are they going so fast I haven;t noticed them? Do they only run at night?

I ask these questions in light of the fact that the mayor of Victoria, that bastion of Social Enlightenment, wants the federal government to approve 3 new "safe injection" sites, one of which will be "mobile."

In other words, kids, some horribly mistaken volunteers and social workers will be in a Honda minivan, dashing to help a poor, deprived addict of his right to a clean needle and a clean place to get high. What is worse is that these poor fuckers (I mean the social workers and volunteers) will actually believe that they are doing something good and useful, when, in fact, they will be killers and enablers and no different form the pushers.

How did we get so far down this dark, confused path? When did we abandon the idea of HOPE?

The Selfish, Secretive Mayor

Only those who don't truly know and understand the vengeful teenager who is known as Sam Sullivan are "puzzled" that The Nutty Mayor is trying to patent the word "ecodensity" for himself.

Sullivan holds about 50 patents for one thing or another. He has been applying for and registering patents by the score in the "disability" field for many years now.

Unlike my good friend and neighbour, Jim Foort, who has done more for prosthetics and amputees than almost anyone else alive these days, and who has NEVER taken out a patent for himself, Mayor Sam has always been all about Sam.

No mayor in living memory has operated so privately and so outside the boundaries of City Hall as Sullivan.

He is basically a new fiefdom, The County of Sam.

May we all survive it.

My New Diet

Please join me in a revolutionary new diet plan.

My friend Michael and I invented it.

It's called "FAT CREDITS."

How it works is this: I am paying a family in Pakistan to not eat for me.

One robust friend who has leaped (well, more like lumbered) onto the bandwagon, says that he is now paying 3 families in an un-named South American country to not eat for him.

Our good friend, Nelson Skalbania, is looking into the possibilities of an early stock offering.


Twenty-two years later, what do we have? What do we know?
The failure of the justice system to close this case compounds the tragedy into an ongoing disgrace and horrow show.
One can barely imagine the tortuous pain being endured by family members directly affected. But, as Canadians, outraged by this disaster and its never-ending costs, we can be justifiably sad and angry on their and our behalf.