Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

My New Year's wishes include:

Good robust health and great fortune for you all.

May there be coin in your jeans, red blood in your veins and some love, affection and laughter in your home.

May all the harm seduction and other terrorists sink slowly into the ocean or the sunset and leave the rest of us in peace.

May all the addicts and alcoholics and others who are cleaning up and sobering up continue on their courageous paths to citizenship.

May their organizations be funded.

May some government somewhere in Canada listen to the people who have elected them.

May Canadians learn to say, "Hello" as they pass on the street.

May the Year of the Laser begin and invasive surgeries be sent to the scrap heap.

You go into the doc's office with chest pains, he laughs, tells you to sit very still and zaps you with a hand held device. The plaque is gone and you're back on the tennis court.

May Barack Obama surprise many of us and prove to be one of the greatest Presidents in history. May his wisdom catch up to his oratory.

May cyclists, motorists and pedestrians in Vancouver call it a Draw and learn to get along. May the Civil Society just be, but never become a public policy.

May we all return to our bridge games and plays and violins and goats and trucks and whatever wholesome activities that occupy us once more with some small sense of good will and accomplishment, and, yes, even pleasure.