Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Willingdon Revisited

It is too early to approve or condemn the provincial initiative to re-open Willingdon as an institution for mentally ill and addicted people.

If managed sensibly and with understanding, commitment and compassion, this could be an immense help to all.

If run like most government bureaux, it will be warehousing of the worst kind, like the old Riverview operation.

Let's see who is running this and what they really know.

Public Fraud - Carbon Taxes and Carbon Trading

How bad is Gordon Campbell's Carbon Tax?

It took SIX imminent writers to defend it in yesterday's Sun.

Not only that but there are letters to the editor these days calling this program "courageous" and "necessary."

Of course, it is neither.

Of course, it will get not one driver out of his ride.

Of course, it is a crass money grab on a simple staple.

Let me draw your attention to the Bertrand Russell quote in the right hand margin of this page.

"If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing."

This issue is not about whether Carole James is an opportunist. James and the NDP are not relevant. This about a bad public policy at a bad time.

My little Mazda used to cost me $20 for a fill. Then, for many years it cost $40. The last two fills cost me $56.

The carbon tax, like carbon trading, is hokum, plain and simple.


"I believe that within five years people will be having sex with robots."

Where has this writer been all his life?

Millions of people can testify that their partners have been robots in bed for a long, long time.

Peel me a grape, Belinda.


Children found floating in pool.

As of yesterday, these two were on the critical list.

On the weekend, we were luxuriating at a resort on Okanagan Lake. The facility had 3 pools and 3 whirlpools.

Two little boys played by themselves, unsupervised, in a shallow wading pool.

Guess Mom and Dad were doing their own terrific thing, somewhere.

Last week, I watched Mr. Dad walk across a crosswalk during rush hour on a major artery while his less than 3 year old daughter toddled along 10 feet behind him.

It's a grand old life if you just don't LOOK AT THE IDIOTS AROUND YOU.

Close the Borders!

How paranoid has the Excited States become under the Bush regime?

Boy George is banned.

Talk about dangerous.

George has not been found guilty of anything recently, other than being Boy George.

Who is scarier? George or America?

This is the way we spend our bucks, spend our bucks, spend our bucks...

Hello from "The Welcoming and Inclusive Communities and Workplace Program."

This is a brilliant new initiative of the BC government.


Only 10 Mil.

A pittance. Lunch.

I didn't even know that Wally Opaque was not only the Attorney-General, but that he is also the minister responsible for multiculturalism.

'splains a lot.

You can get your application for your own little grant at

Pricey Bouquet

It's a Monet. It's signed. And it sold for $81 Million last night at Christie's big night out.

And you're thinking about getting new tongs for the barbie...

John Denver - Sunshine