Saturday, September 26, 2009


"He's a very good Muslim...a very nice boy."


Usually this kind of irony comes from the neighbour of the mass-murderer after all the bodies are discovered in the backyard veggie patch.

But in this case, we are talking about Najibullah Zazi who has been charged with conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction in the United States.

In short, he is a terrorist who took little study holidays to Pakistan to bone up on making and planting bombs that would kill many, many innocent people.

The quote, by the way, comes from his devoted Aunt.

Altogether now...

"If you knew Zazi like I know Zazi, Oh, Oh, Oh, what a guy...
None so classy, with such a chassis..."


Rick Mercer was some time ago anointed by the CBC.

The CBC does that.

Every so often they anoint some man or woman with their high stamp of approval. That person is subsequently given 101 chances to shine, 102 excusable failures, a permanent position in the Towers and a life pension.

Mansbridge, George Stanopopopopopopopulousishness.

Sometimes, as in the case of a guy I went to school with in Winnipeg, the blessed recipient is sent to Harvard Business School by the Corporation. Much of this is not made public.

Now, we are being encouraged to believe that Rick Mercer is the funniest person is Canada.

Mr. Mercer floats in zero gravity capsules and tries soccer and hockey and other past times.

Who is he supposed to be? Harold Lloyd? Buster Keaton?

He is not even remotely funny.

You know who's funny?

My son is funny.

I am funny.

Why haven't we been anointed by the CBC and been given what amounts to a Free Pass in life?

I know.

We have to suffer so we can grow.

Alright, already.

We've grown. We're elephantine.

Where's our Pass?

When's the coronation?

Will Rick Mercer be there with a cream pie?

The Impossible Made Beautiful

Ciao Baby