Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What's a Girl to Do?

Poor little Christy Clark.

She felt "the injustice" of her MLA pay.

She quit politics to spend more time with her infant son.

And shortly thereafter, came out of mammahood to run for mayor.

Cry me a river...

Bang, Bang, You're in Jail

The Conservative Government has passed a bill which will call for more prison time for crooks with guns. Not much more, but some.

The NDP watered down parts of the bill saying that the bill as originally worded by the Conservatives would not pass the Charter of Rights Guarantee against cruel and unusual punishment.

They were probably right.

But what does that mean?

It means that in Canada, punishing a bad guy for owning, buying, stealing, using, waving a gun is defined by law as "cruel and unusual punishment."

And you wonder why we're in trouble...

Wake Up and Sing, Halleluyah

24 Hours reports this morning that Philip Mangano, executive director of the US Interagency Council on Homelessness has succeeded in recent years in bringing down the rates of homelessness in San Francisco, Miami and St. Louis by 30 - 50 %.

How did he do it?


He built homes. The US government funds the construction of housing through HUD.

Back in our own dear back yard, the Federal Government - that is the deeply caring Liberals - quit building new social housing in 1993, with the result that homelessness has doubled since then in Vancouver.

But 1993 is when I began at CKNW and 1993 is when I began saying in public that the feds had stopped building social housing, and I said it again and again until 2006.

Hey. Who Listens?

Project Civil City my ass. You can grandstand all you want. This is simple. The federal government which collects most of our taxes has cut back or down or entirely in the last two decades on social housing, medicare, education, police and the military.

Where exactly, besides Quebec, of course, is all this money going?

Search me.

What You Really Need to Know

Jordin will go tomorrow night.

She's delightful, she's lovely, she has great energy, but she doesn't have the pipes that Melinda and LaKisha have. And Blake is unique, an almost Sting, so he's safe for another week or two.

Next to go will be LaKisha. She's got this powerhouse killer voice. But married to that is a depressing kind of Victim Vibe. She always looks like she's in the middle of a gas pain or major tears. And she never, never, ever smiles. What's the part of Show Biz that she doesn't get?

Blake and Melinda will slug it out for the finale.

Melinda will win.

None of them is really great. They are all pretty good, but no one is bringing down the house.

Simon doesn't care, because Simon owns them all and they'll all be working for a while anyway.

Hi. My name is David, and I'm addicted to Idol.