Monday, September 29, 2008

Humpty Dumpty One

Here is a Letter to the Editor in today's Province. The writer refers to a recovered addict who completely and honestly understands addictions. The writer on the other hand is a theorist who knows nothing of where he speaks. The world is topsy-turvy.

True nature of addiction

The Province

Published: Monday, September 29, 2008

Letter writer Barry Joneson and other Insite detractors don't understand the nature of addiction

You cannot force people to do something and unless society is willing to give police the power to do so, then harm reduction is the only thing that makes sense.

You can have all the treatment facilities you want, but addicts who don't want to make use of them will have only the streets to do their drugs

Brandon Parker,


Humpty Dumpty TWO

A Victoria drug addict's Charter rights were violated because he did not have access to a supervised injection site like Vancouver's Insite.

"How can someone's conduct be criminal in Victoria, but not in Vancouver, where drug addicts have access to Insite?" the addict's enterprising lawyer asked.



Today's spurious headlines are all about John McCain's gambling habits and gambling connections.

There may or may not in time be some important information hidden in these missives, but we have yet to see it.

I good friend tells of the time he played craps at a Vegas table next to McCain for several hours a few years ago.

He says that the good Senator from Arizona was intent and focused and not particularly friendly.

As far as I know gambling is a legal activity in many places.

If we learn that McCain took bribes or did some other illegal and unsavoury acts, then we will have something about which we can complain and somewhere to point.

In the meantime, this kind of innuendo and silliness must go.

The Gambler