Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Deep Commitment to Local Affairs

Did you watch the so-called "Leaders' Debate" last night.


That makes 6 of us.

Three of the others were TV columnists.

Of course, putting this somnambulism on air at 5pm on a Sunday right after that Oscar contender "Fast Food High" is not exactly helpful.

And if this is someone's idea of "live" television, let's hear it for the dramatic improvement in cryogenics.

And didn't our local CTV station - pleading and fighting with the CRTC these very days for more money, more concessions - really out-do themselves with just about the cheesiest set design and lighting since Captain Kangaroo?

These guys blather on - the TV execs - about their commitment to local programming and then they give us...this? Brother!

Anyway...let's get to the substance.


I said, "Let's get to the substance."

I know, it's a stretch to call these gaseous fumes weighty or meaty or even souffle.

Here's what I found pleasantly surprising. Or surprisingly pleasant.

Carole James came across very well.

Calm, strong, organized, knowledgeable. NOT strident or shrill or kvetchy.

I was particularly impressed by her skewering of the Premier on his fudging the numbers with long-term care beds for seniors and how he's fighting crime by cutting services. Ha!

What I found most peculiar, if not downright frightening, was how creepy Gordon Campbell appeared.

Desperate, pugilistic, bug-eyed. Has anyone ever told this guy that not everything in life is high school basketball?

What a vision he brings to the arena. Kill or be killed. Very helpful. Very mature.

The party's over
It's time to call it a day
They've burst your pretty balloon
And taken the moon away...

Pete Seeger will be 90 on Sunday