Thursday, March 8, 2007

Harmony Update

On Monday, I posted an item about Dr. David Ho, the owner of Harmony Airways, in which, quoting a third source, I said that Dr. Ho had been "busted over the weekend for solicitation and drug possession."

This was not correct.

As it turns out, no charges were laid.

Migrant Workers Murdered in B.C. on Int'l Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day.

All over the world, people are gathering in groups large and small to declare one heroic thing or another.

Here in B.C., we are following the so-called "tragedy" of a car crash that has killed 3 women and left many others injured.


Simply this: 17 women, aged 20 to 60, travelling in a van at 6:20 in the morning (I was comfortably asleep in my warm and safe bed. Where were you?), in a van with wooden benches for seats and no seat belts. Camping trip? Religious retreat? Social work conference?

No. They were on their happy, happy way to pick berries.

The driver, a woman, lost control of her vehicle, the van flipped and now this.

The speeches will be made about the plight of women around the globe. And the speeches will be right, no doubt.

But we have unions here in British Columbia. And we have an intelligent and caring administration. Don't we? And we have regulations? And protections for workers. And inspectors. Don't we? Don't we?

Seventeen women. One van. Wooden benches not locked in place. No seat belts.

Go ahead. Make a speech.

Carol Lawrence sings George Gershwin and Leonard Bernstein

Yesterday's post of Thelonius Monk was so well received, I thought I'd give you another one to enjoy.

Here is Carol Lawrence, the original Maria in West Side Story, singing first what many of us consider th greatest love song ever written - Gershwin's "Someone to Watch Over Me," followed by Bernstein's "Could Be," usually song, of course, by Tony in West Side.