Thursday, October 24, 2013


Straight Lines?

I read a great line this morning over breakfast:

"It is a puzzling fact that the shortest line between two points is often a dead end."

What could better explain the death wish known as Harm Reduction or the manifestations therein known as Insite, free needles, free crack pipes, free heroin, methadone and alcohol?

In their rush to adopt the addicts way of non-thinking - we call it looking for the Silver Bullet - the good doctors have created a new kind of black hole, right here in our midst.

Not satisfied with the harm done here in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, the good doctors now want the Great Misfire to spread to other Canadian cities.

We are pleased to report that Ottawa and Toronto are resisting this pestilence with strength and good common sense and a clear sense of humanity.

The mantra used consistently by reductionists that their madness is based on evidence and everyone else is some mad, ill-informed ideologue is called public relations and spin.

Those of us who actually know the names and addresses of thousands of clean and sober people in long term recovery base our position on working and living in the front lines.

Have a nifty day.