Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Big Zero Sum BIke Caper

The City of Vancouver claims that a recent survey of some 300 people proves that the famous Burrard Street Bike Lane joke has been a clear winner.

I have given this matter serious and prolonged consideration.

For ages upon ages, I posted my daily count of bicycles.

That is, until I tired of the whole silly thing.

Here is my conclusion, rigged and slanted and unreliable surveys aside:

This has been a nothing, a non-event, a smoke-screen for lack of action and ineptitude on other more pressing issues.

The net result of wasting $1.5 Million of public tax money is zero.

No big rush of bikes, no big traffic snarls.

Just headlines and arguments and the spending of tax dollars on an irrelevancy.

Feh! Poo-poo.


CBC News - British Columbia - Olympic security plan a safety risk, airline warns

CBC News - British Columbia - Olympic security plan a safety risk, airline warns: "Olympic security plan a safety risk, airline warns
Saltspring Air says diverting passengers for screening will jeopardize flights"

Yes, another fun Olympic moment.


A girl of 12 murders her parents and younger brother.

Now, three years after being confined to a secure building in a mental institution, the girl may be allowed out from an Edmonton psychiatric hospital so she can go to banks and malls.

Her 'treatment team' is seeking such approvals from Alberta's Solicitor-General.

May the Solicitor-General have the good common sense to say, "Absolutely not!"

Or add a little rider: Each and every one of you nut bars on the treatment team will be publicly named and held personally responsible when this crazy person kills again.

Program Advisory

The PBS television program, 'Frontline' features an hour long documentary tonight called "The Medicated Child."

In the Vancouver area, that can be found on KCTS 9/Cable 27 at 9 pm.

I have been speaking for many years now about what I feel is a public crime and con job by Big Pharma - the overselling of powerful drugs for the alleged "problms" of children.

This piece might be worth a gander.