Saturday, November 29, 2008

Big Brains Think Alike


Yesterday I said in this space that the so-called leaders of our federal parties are all irresponsible children (Buffoons Abound).

Today, the Globe & Mail editorial says it would be helpful if there were some adults in Ottawa.


I knew there was a reason I switched papers.


Now we started the Korean War.

David Ahenakew, the First Nations leader who explained a while back why Hitler was right to "fry a lot of those guys" and thus lost his Order of Canada citation, among other disgraces visited upon his righteous head, has now offered this tasty tidbit of History According to the Truly Nutty:

Jews started the Korea War.


And the Second World War and the Peloponessian War and right back there all the way through time.

This 75-year old man is so sad.

He now babbles incomprehensibly and we record every little nuance.

Could someone please lead him to pure waters and give him a cookie and hold his hand.

Just asking

Why has Jamie Graham gone from being Vancouver's Chief of Police to being Victoria's Chief of Police?

JIngle Bells

Ah, Christmas.


More love.

Except for the lunatics who stormed a Wal-Mart at 5 am yesterday in Long Island, NY and trampled to death a "temporary" worker.

Which brings and entirely new definition to the phrase "temporary worker."

Apparently everyone was subsequently s intent on their Christmas shopping bargains, no one noticed or attended to Mr. Trampled.

Not to be outdone in the Spirit of Christmas giving, a pair of determined fathers exchanged lead at a Toys R Us in sleepy old Palm Springs yesterday. That's right. They shot each other dead over some terribly significant dispute. No doubt a Game Boy or iPod.

Ah, Christmas...

Paradise Tossed

Salt Spring Island has a lovely hospital and a lovely new operating room.

Unfortunately it has no surgeon, so folks with problems are helijetted to the rescue.

Nice Islands Trust management! Nice Gary Lunn, MP, attention to the people who keep mysteriously electing you. This guy will soon rival Dr. Hedy for the How Does It Happen award.

As for the Trust geniuses, they're so busy selling waterfront homes in the low 2 millions that they forgot to run the medical services. Oooops...

City Saga

Why did Estelle Lo resign her $220,000 a year position as Vancouver City Hall;s Chief Financial Officer?

That takes an awful lot of courage or accumulated bile in a market falling through the black holes of the night.

Why was Lo given a one-year severance package when that is against the rules for someone who resigns?

Why will she say nothing in public? Has she signed a non-disclosure agreement?

Why did neither the City Councillors or even the lame-duck mayor, Mr. Sullivan, know that she had resigned? Did she sneak out through the DELIVERIES ONLY door?

And what has all this to do with the Athlete$ Village deal?

Listen in tomorrow, same time, same station, for the continuing story of how a little town by the sea lost its way only to be rescued by a brash coroner, then a Dr. Strangelove and now, at last, a child of happiness and flowing juices.

Mumbai well examined

Doug Saunders has written two revealing pieces in the Globe this morning about Mumbai. His essay ttiled "This is India's 9/11? Think again" is particularly worth a read.

Keith Olberman on Prop 8

Victor on Ottawa

Looking at events transpiring in Ottawa, one has to take a moment to
appreciate the absurdity of it all.

Three men, from three opposing political parties, one of whom is
committed to the destruction of Canada will visit Canada's Head of
State. They will appeal to her to let them take over government, based
on their united vision for the country. Three months ago they were
savaging each other as political incompetents incapable of either
vision or leadership.

The Head of State was appointed by former Prime Minister shortly
before he was tossed out of office. Her previous experience consisted
of hosting a Quebec TV show that had lower ratings than the Latvian
Accordian Hour. Her husband dallied with separatists.

It is to laugh. The alternative is too sad to contemplate.