Saturday, March 6, 2010

Health Care Shock!

B.C. doctors prepared to fund nurses' pay


Doctors at a cash-strapped hospital in the Kootenays are proposing to pay nurses out of their own pockets to keep operating rooms running.

And why not?

If the nurses don't work, neither do the doctors, so their intentions are both self-serving and helpful to others, including the forgotten person in the equation - the famous patient.

Of course, this kind of magnanimityfariousnosity is so unprecedented that a health care administrator was heard mumbling, “I haven't heard of any precedent like this. In terms of the implications, the Interior Health Authority has to do some research."


Will they be doing that research on the weekend?

Victor Seizes the Day (Glo)

Hi david:

Hope it was a great holiday.

This summer in BC, the HST will come in, the MSP will increase, and
that lunatic carbon tax on gas will increase. Additionally, we will
see the beginning of a 30 per cent increase in hydro rates over the
next three years. You and I are in the backstretch of life so most of
our race has been run. But I really feel for the young generation
entering adulthood. They will be stuck under a government , regardless
of party, that believes there's an unlimited amount of juice in the

The Vanier Institute issued its report on families while you were
away. It is a supremely credible annual report on quality of life in
Canadian families. It found that 70 per cent of working people ages 18
to 34 would be "severely stretched" if their paycheque were delayed by
one week. This cohort is not going to magically become upper middle
class. Our governments continue to spend as though that will happen.