Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moammar This

Al-Megrahi may or may not be guilty of being the Lockerbie Bomber.

He was found guilty by a court of law and imprisoned for the crime until the other day when he was sent home to Libya.

There he was received as a hero and hugged by the well-known madman Gaddafi.

Mr. Gaddafi, by the way, is on his way to New York to address the Untied Nations. His request to pitch a tent in Central park was declined, so now he's moving into a mansion In Jersey next door to a Rabbi. You can't write material like this. It can only be reported.

Meanwhile, back at the Lockerbie nightmare, there are many who believe that Al Megrahi is innocent.

Here is one writer who believes this, and her thoughts are certainly worth the read.

In the end, however, whether this man is the bomber or not (and I am not saying that is unimportant), what remains is that his release stinks of politics and money and that the reason given for his release is not credible.

FORE! play

APPARENTLY all of America is suffering from L.D.S.

That would be your Limp Dick Syndrome.

Cialis is not only the main broadcast sponsor for the entire PGA Tour this year, and that includes the majors, but now it is practically the banner and title sponsor for the 6 o’clock NBC News.

What is this telling us about life in the land of opportunity?

I wither at the thought.

Well, it says that Big Pharma never went broke underestimating the gullibility or sex drive of the average Yanqui He-Man.

It says that golfers are even stranger than I always suspected. (“Where’s my effing ball???")

And that NBC News will sleep with just about anybody for a buck.

I await your pithy conclusions.

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