Friday, September 26, 2008

Quote of the Day

Michael Byers is the NDP candidate for federal office in Vancouver Centre.

He lamented yesterday that "his two sons may never see polar bears in the wild."


How many human persons have actually seen polar bears in the wild? 137?

How many might expect to?

Was this part of your plan?

I'll go to University, get a medical degree, marry Ellen, have kids, play golf and , oh yes, stop by the arctic some day to, you guessed it, see polar bears in the wild.

Running against this wizard are Hedy Fry and Lorne Mayencourt.

Somebody get out the nets.

Step Right UP!

A local radio station has been buying ads in the Sun of late.

This is what they claim:

Talk that matters to you.

A station that captivates your interests.

A station that makes you more interesting.


I didn't know that listening to a radio station could make me more interesting.

I didn't even know that one of my life goals was to be more interesting.

To whom?

The guys with whom I play bridge once a month?

This particular radio station, under the same steely-eyed management for years, has had a 1.5 share for decades. That means that 1.5% of the local audience of interesting people are listening. That's not enough to visit Tim's.

The world is completely mad, I tell you, and no where more so than in the wonderful topsy-turvy house of mirrors called Media.

J.J. McColl

I was so sorry to learn today of the passing of J.J. McColl.

She was a wonderful, writer and broadcaster and a warm and loving friend.

Brilliant Satire

Do yourself a really, really BIG favour and watch the first ten minutes of Jon Stewart's The Daily Show here.

President Bush's speech on the financial crisis is very similar to his speech on Iraq five years ago.

In fact, as Stewart and his staff put the two videos side by side, you see the full impact of the lying snake who has been the President of the United Staes of America for eight years.

The Unbearable Lightness of Bulbs

Political correctness under a new light.

Last week I stopped in at London Drugs to buy a 40 watt bulb.

They had none.

Or should I say, they had none that I could recognize as familiar.

Rather, there was a ready supply of the new twisty, twirly thingamajigs that are supposed to burn for a millennium or two. So I bought a 2-pack.

Took the creepy thing home, put one in the wall sconce above the watercolor in the hallway downstairs and behold - ugliness on display!

A light that pauses before it comes on and then glares a sheering hospital corridor brightness that changes your home into an institution.

The twisty, twirly that I put in one of my living room lamps burned out last month, long before it claimed it would.

"Bull," say I.

Whose cousin owns these godawful things? Does the Premier's uncle own the franchise.

I went into the Home Hardware on Salt Spring Island earlier this week and bought me a gross of the Old Familiars and smuggled them back on an unsuspecting BC Ferries crew.

Well, they'll never see the light, will they?

My new old bulb's casting a lovely soft glow above my painting again.

No doubt I am minutes away from the Invasion of the Correct Lighting Commitat.

Send chocolate and a saw.