Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Amazing Story from a Commentator

Our vehicle bit the dust before Christmas, needing a new one rather quickly, my husband found one at a dealer near our home, who happened to deal with a financial institution where we bank as well. They set up the financing, my husband took care of the paperwork, only my signature was still needed. I just had day surgery and we went from the hospital straight to the "bank" to sign the papers. I must have been still a bit groggy, only the next day did I see that we were expected to pay for life insurance. I called the finance officer handling our file and explained, that we have our own life insurance and don't need any from the bank. The bank manager came on the phone, telling me, part of the deal on getting the loan, was that we got life insurance from them. I explained again, that we didn't need it....going back and forth, the manager got quite rude, saying, we could try to get financing elsewhere, and good luck trying to unravel the contract, that was the condition to get the loan ...I forced myself to stay calm and polite, repeating that we didn't need it...finally he consented, saying we could write our life insurance over to them. I called our insurance agent only to find out, that it is "illegal" for any finance institution to "tightsell", as it's called, life insurance. I got financing from my own bank, where I've been a customer for over 20 years, they were great. I called ENQUIRY B.C., who'll connect you with the right branch of the government, that deals with businesses that break the rules. I refused to talk to that rude manager again, my husband phoned to tell them we didn't want their loan, we had no trouble getting the contract dissolved. I had a special constable come to my house and interview me about my dealings with that particular credit union. They haven't heard the last of this yet. Don't even get me started on the car dealership!! And Air Canada! My daughter traveled as an unacompanied minor, to see her grandparents in Europe, she got ill and vomited in the bathroom, they made her clean the toilette! Would they have done that with an adult? I doubt it, no apology, just excuses. They've lost us as customers.
April 3, 2007 8:58 AM


Remember Adscam? Remember Gomery?

Well, Jean Lafleur remembers and he ain't smelling so great these days - wherever he may be.

Seems the good Monsieur has flown the coop, gone into hiding, perhaps running a hot dog stand on the Kona Coast. After all, he's only wanted for 35 counts of fraud. He only stole Millions of Canadian taxpayers' hard earned dollars.

Well, I have a suggestion for the constabulary.

While we are waiting for Lafleur to magically re-appear, why don't we hold Jean Chretien as hostage or material witness or maybe just as bargaining tool?

Am I awake yet? Am I dreaming again? You mean real life isn't like the movies? The bag guys don't get caught in the final reel? Sheeesh!

Krusty the Klown Takes Baghdad

You had to see Arizona Republican John McCain strolling casually through a Baghdad market the other day to see what desperation really looks like.

This man is so desperate to be the next President of the United States that he has a contingent of 100 US soldiers shepherding him through a carefully pre-screened market, all the while wearing a flak jacket.

But that was only the beginning of the Gong Show.

The highlight came later at the press conference, where, lying through his capped pearlies, the good senator told us all about "the progress" here in Iraq that just isn't being reported.


Politicians are really something, aren't they? They will do anything, tell any fib, create any myth to get into that office. What ever happened to getting a good job and working for a living?

The Daily Number

Canadian Bank profits are up FIFTY PER CENT.

That may auger well for some sunny optimists and investors, but I say, "Auger f--- yourself."

This is an indicator of a strong economy, we are told. Or maybe it's an indicator that the banks are taking more of our money for fewer and cheesier services.

The glass is half full, or it's FIFTY PER CENT bigger.