Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Suzuki needs a wake-up call

"I am ashamed of Carole James and the NDP for using 'axe the tax' as a political opportunity," David Suzuki said recently. "I know the people advising her know better."

Well, spread the shame, David, because many, including me, think much less of you for automatically endorsing this horsefeathers scheme.

We have long since reached the point where all anyone has to do is say something "ecological" and you will support it.

The carbon tax idea is bankrupt and the fact that you support it says way too much about your current efforts.

Drive fast - you might be caught in THE VORTEX!!!

"School officials said they weren't sure the course -- which deals with sexual orientation and gender identity -- was appropriate for high school students."

OK. Then what are these rubes sure of, exactly?

That the world is flat, and that if you drive too fast past Alderbush, you'll fall off into an eternity of hell-demons?

The course also tackles animal rights for the first time -- under the title speciesism -- as well as ableism, ageism, anthropocentrism, consumerism, cultural imperialism, extremism, feminism, fundamentalism, heterosexism, humanism, racism and sexism.

So, if high school students can't handle all these shocking modern ideas, what can they handle? and Who can handle these ideas?

Social Justice 12 is OPTIONAL, it's an elective and it's a forum for rational discussion, not a platform for preaching "lifestyles."

It's wonderful the faith these faith-based folks put in the intelligence and good judgement of their own children.

Worst Headline of the Year Contest Winner

Streetcar of Sam's desire on track

Sue is choked too

'Best Place on Earth' brings out that catch in Campbell's throat - SUN Sept

Really Vaughn?

Here's a guy who has undermined the democracy in our Province by being the
most arrogant and secretive, closed door decision making, perks to his
friends "leader" we've seen - maybe ever - and you are taken in by a wee
show of....what did you call it - sentimentality ??

Perhaps he's regretting his impaired decisions that have placed so many in
this province in harms way, with cuts to health care, long waits for
treatment, the failure to respond to crisis after social crisis .....and -
oh yeah - the preventable death of scores of once successful small
independant businesses along his toy train the Canada Line....?

Nah. He probably got choked up because he looked at all those investments
the government made in sub-prime backed paper that are now not worth
...well - the paper they are printed on. These are the pension funds of hard
working Canadians, too.
And in the case of the Canada Line, he even topped up their tank with $56
million more taxpayer funds upon request! What a guy.

Good grief. There is nothing that this Provincial government does that is
not self-serving. Tolls off the highway? It's election time boys and girls.
Just waiting for the next bauble/bribe for the weary tax paying masses.
Perhaps a seismic upgrade of this Provincial government at the polls?

Do I sound a bit choked up? I've suffered through 3 years of unimaginable
hardship - have nearly lost all I've worked hard to build up over 25 years.
Out of desperation I am taking my own government to court to find justice
for this abuse of power called Canada Line. It is no small point that as
Mayor, Campbell was prepared to take legal action against the Province in
SUPPORT of compensation for Expo/Millenium Line construction. What a

I continue to fight as hard as I can for my desperate neighbours - and if I
were speaking to you right now there would most certainly be a CATCH in my

Standing tall - and loud on Cambie Street,

Susan Heyes
Cambie Street
604 687-0721

Dr. STrangelove Lives (& works in the 'hood)

The St. Paul's Hospital Foundation has published an impressive, glossy multi-page insert in today's Vancouver Sun newspaper.

There is one small problem.

An article titled "Developing New Tools to treat Addiction" extols the work - most of it future boasts and promises - of Dr. Michael Krausz.

The good Dr. doesn't come cheap. Millions have been invested in departments and "chairs" for his glorification.

But listen carefully to who he is and what he proposes.

This is the man behind Mayor Sam Sullivan's CAST project.

Let's give addicts pills.

The man is a "world-renowned expert on drug addiction and mental illness" and he claims everything he will do is "science based." He is a German-born psychiatrist.

He will give addicts pills.

He is going to fix the DTES.

He will give addicts pills.

This is his science. This is his expertise. These are his new tools.

The greatest single positive response to addiction is treatment based entirely on abstinence. Millions have succeeded.

And millions have failed.

A reasonable estimate of the success rate for treatment is 25%.

If you bat .250, you're in Cooperstown.

The success rate for methadone, pills, free needles, safe injection sites, free crack kits?

There are no numbers available.

And you know why.

But the good Dr. Stangelove will continue to be hailed as the next messiah.

Have I mentioned that the world is quite mad?

No Contest

Who is going to watch the English language snooze fest of Harper et al tomorrow night when we are presented with Palin being demolished by Joe Biden?

Bring it on!