Friday, June 15, 2007

Enrolment Down - Close it!

Continued kudos to Janet Steffenhagen for her ongoing coverage of education issues for The Vancouver Sun.

Her full page story on Tuesday describing the closing of more than 150 public schools in this province in recent years was a barn burner.

It continues to amaze us that we have to save pennies by dislocating children and their families with school closings, but we can find billions for vanity projects like the Olympics.

This government's priorities are clear and often distasteful.

Daniel Izzard: May 19, 1923 - June 6, 2007

We note with sadness the passing of local artist Daniel Izzard.

Mr. Izzard may not have been the world's greatest or most progressive painter, but he was damn good and he was that rare creature - a painter who made his living painting.

He was also a busy, active, committed memeber of the local community, who was always charming and gracious and ready with a good story.

We need more like him.

3 Times You Will Deny Me

"I don 't believe in ripping up agreements."

"I have never said I would tear up agreements."

"I am not tearing up agreements."

The New World

Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Lovely.