Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cambie St. Law Suit Update - More Good Citizenship

Court fight brewing over Cambie Street

A group of Cambie Street small-business owners are building momentum, on the back of a B.C. Supreme Court ruling, to launch a class-action lawsuit against the province for financial losses caused by Canada Line construction.

Susan Heyes, maternity clothes designer and head of Hazel & Co., is leading the litigation charge after the province's attorneys failed to quash her case for compensation before the court Wednesday.

"I'm appalled that I even have to be talking about suing my own government for damage caused by a project that they insisted on building," she said.

Vancouver-Fairview MLA Gregor Robertson, a staunch small-business supporter, took the fight to Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon yesterday in the Legislature, only to be told the province will not comment on the Cambie Street quagmire until a judge rules on Heyes' complaint.

"They've already destroyed these small businesses and now they're going to fight them in court," Robertson said. "It's abominable."

Heyes, who claims to have lost $400,000 in net revenue since November 2005, said a year-long wait for her case to be heard should do nothing to diminish her cause.

Suing the Bad Guys

A huge congratulations and a badge of courage to Laurie Tinga, who is suing the 6 criminals who shot her.

The criminals are known to have shot her, but, as usual, the police and the courts can't prove it, so, as usual, they are at large.

But, Tinga, a completely innocent bystander, who has survived being shot in the head, has launched a civil suit against these crooks.

I have long advocated exactly this kind of action from aggrieved citizens. Sue the National Parole Board for their refusal to see danger and releasing madmen back into the community. Sue anybody in a position of authority who costs you loss of life or limb or property by their inadequate performance of their duties.

Tinga is a brave woman and a true citizen.

Watch the Vancouver Sun video interview with her here.

Calling Something GOOD doesn't Make it So

There is a demented leap of logic that has pervaded what passes for thinking in North America in recent years.

People ripe for stupidity have noticed the phenomenon of "owning" you true self/happiness/affliction.character/disease, etc.

Blacks claimed "black power" and chanted "Black is beautiful," and helped for good reason to change the mindset of an entire generation.

Gays took up the challenge, embraced their reality, chanted "Gay Pride," and did the same for their subset of citizens.

Now, every dog wants his day. And often, it is not even the "maligned" group itself that is trumpeting its worth, but some sympathetic booby-hatched do-gooder.

VANDU is the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users. This gang of crazies has convinced the mandarins of Officialdumb that being a dope fiend is a legitimate "lifestyle," when we all know it is a life of misery, hopelessness, degradation of no accomplishment (without which man cannot survive.)

Now, I learn today, reading Daphne Bramham's excellent column ("2010 will make city a magnet for human trafficking") in the Sun , that Libby Davies wants to open a brothel in vancouver in time for the Olympics and that this wonderful addition to our cultural landscape will be run as a cooperative by the women.

I must pause to laugh long...hahahahahaha....or I will collapse in tears of despair.

Davies is a Member of Parliament. People keep electing her to govern.

The completely rogue BC Teachers' Federation also believes in prostitution.

What part of misery, degradation, self-hatred, hopelessness, violence, disrespect and danger do these fools not understand?

For those are but some of the handmaidens of prostitution.

I spent 10 years working with addicts. Every one of the female addicts had been a prostitute. Evey single last one of these women were drowning in misery, degradation, self-hatred, hopelessness, violence, disrespect and danger.

Sullivan wants to further enslave young girls by giving them drugs so they can continue to be human sex slaves.

Davies wants to "legitimize" prostitution.

Vandu claims legitimacy for being a dope fiend.

These vile mistaken fools confuse these vile mistaken ideas with black power and gay rights and other small triumphs of "ownership."

And in doing so they diminish the real accomplishments of legitimate achievement.

Norman Mailer Dead at 84

There is a an appropriately thorough biography and tribute to this modern titan in this morning's NY Times.

Please read it and cherish the memory of a noisy, bold man, full of faults and blessings, who lived passionately to the full.

Remembrance Day - Billy Joel/Leningrad

It's another war; it's another place.

It's the same story of sons and fathers, mothers and daughters, lovers, sweethearts, and madness, madness...