Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The Downtown power failure brings to light (ouch! sorry...) a number of issues.

There were dire warnings of exactly this occurrence as recently as last year. Was anyone listening? Was any preventative action taken?

Has either the Province or the City taken stock in infrastructure lately? Do we have an inventory hidden in some vault somewhere?

And, how reassuring to hear BC Hydro rush to the podium to confirm that they never promised anybody a rose garden, or even regular delivery of service.

We balance precariously on a deck of (stacked) cards...hang onto those candles.

Hole in One

The plans for the Rossland Golf Course have been scrapped.

We Need Doctors, But We won't let them Work

It is good to see a foreign trained doctor fighting for her right to practice in B.C. It is high time that this happened.

Unfortunately, she is using the BC HUman Rights Tribunal as her forum. It may be that she no other recourse.

We would have hoped to see this kind of case in the Supreme Court. The BC College of Physicians and Surgeons has much to answer for in this matter.

Quote of the Day

Vancouver NPA city councilor Kim Capri said said she would "never characterize Vancouver as an uncivil city."


This quote from a Province news story on the incivility of Canadian cities, Vancouver ranking right up there at the top.

My Friday Province column began with this sentence: The loss of manners is a shame; the loss of civility is a tragedy.

I received the largest response ever to that column. Apparently I touched some communal nerve.

Today's report is on the money and Kim Capripant's reaction is, as always, totally out of synch with the world in which she purports to live.