Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shirley MacLaine - I'm Still Here - Postcards From The Edge

Baaad Canada, Baaad Mexico

Something peculiar happened in the Hillary/Barak road show last night.

Both candidates were tripping over each others shoes to declare that NAFTA might be toast.

But, not because it was a bad deal or that it hurt its partners.

But, because apparently Canada and Mexico are the villains here and we must be brought into line.

It's comforting to know that even at the so-called highest levels, Americans are self-serving and self-involved.

Wake Us when it's Over Over

The Sleeper Budget.

Why only $5,000 a year in tax-free savings? Why not $10,000 0r $15,000?

More $ for students is a good thing, for Candu is not.

Torch the Torch.



Province Leaves Children at Risk

There is no department of the Provincial government that is more consistently negligent in its duties than the Ministry of Children and Families.

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond has once again shone a beacon on this Ministries dreadful and often deadly incompetence.

Today she highlights the difficulties for parents of an intellectually limited child to find and secure services for the child.

Read this story, and then, do what I did a few months ago - write Tom Christensen, the Minister, and demand that he resign.

The Secret Life of Hospitals

Nadeem Ismail, the health care specialist for the Fraser Institute, has published a Hospital Report Card.

Whether you like the Fraser Institute or not, I can tell you that Ismail is a good and smart man, who does thorough work.

What a triple shame, therefore, that the information in his report, which is central to good delivery of health care, is missing a few simple details - thanks to your government.

The information is this - Which hospitals are we talking about? None are named because your Provincial Minister of Health wants it that way.

Your Provincial Minister of Health is George Abbott. Send the fellow an email and tell him that you'd like to know which hospitals near you are dangerous places.

William F. Buckley dead at 82

He wrote 55 books.

He was a fixture on the American political and broadcast scene for decades, a distinctive and unique voice.

Read the NY Times bio here.

The Expert on Bullying is The Preem

To the Editor

Re: Wear Pink to fight bullying - SUN Feb 26/08

My shop on Cambie Street is wearing shocking PINK.

Will the Premier be wearing pink to live up to his promise to "stand up forthose who become targets"? Will he practice what he preaches and support allthe families along the Canada Line?

The RAV/Canada Line project was relentlessly initiated, funded and driven byGordon Campbell and the Provincial Government. It is unconscionable that thevery survival of hundreds of livelihoods are in jeopardy due to thenegligence of the project to adequately mitigate the well known impacts ofthe chosen construction method.

They have not accepted responsibility fortheir complete lack of financial support for the small businesses, andturned a blind eye to the abuse we have had to endure for the past two yearsnow.

In other words - they have been bullies.

Our hard earned tax dollars simply burst from the Provincial stash for everywhim of the Premier, including the recently announced $30 million for whathe is calling "outreach and engagement" and "communications and education"to support his spontaneous climate action plan.

Where is the support for all the small businesses?

We have been forced tosacrifice our life's work so that this pet project of the Premier's getscompleted in time for the Olympics - regardless of the consequences.Is the Premier's Pink shirt a sign of hope for justice to finally happen? Oris it just another pretty photo op - and more window dressing?

Compensation was and still is, the right thing to do.

Susan HeyesIn the RED and losing our shirts on Cambie Street604 687-0721