Friday, April 20, 2007

National THANK YOU Day

I hereby declare this to be well, heck, International "Thank You" Day.

Thank everyone you meet for somethingorother today. Twice.

Surrounded By Geniuses and Good Will

John McCain, the Senator who would be King, the man who strolls through the Baghdad market with only 100 soldiers for protection, has done it again.

He was quick, in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy, to defend gun rights, and further to add that he doesn't see why America should restrict the sale of ammo clips.

The stand-up comedian also doesn't understand why some people don't think his "bomb Iran" gag is the funniest they ever did hear.

For the full, cheerful story, if there remains an ounce of human energy in your index finger, click here.

Dianne Reeves - How High The Moon

Wow! This is HOT!!!
I don't really know this lady, but, man, is she goooodd!