Friday, February 24, 2012


It is curiouser and curiouser.

Both the Vancouver Sun and the Globe & Mail reported on the possible conflict of interest in the case of Liberal adviser lobbying for the sale of government liquor warehouses to private companies.

That’s good.

That’s their job.

But neither story mentioned that Patrick Kinsella was hot in the exact middle of the same position only a few years ago in the matter of the sale of BC Rail - a small issue that got largely buried when Basi and Virk, at the last minute, pled out their corruption charges.

So...let me see if I am understanding any of this.

The man who got Gordon Campbell elected is the same man who got Christy Clark elected and he is the same man who was simultaneously representing private interests in major government sell-offs.

These amusements have led me to a new vision of democracy.

What has taken me so long?

Turns out that democracies are really all about the rich and powerful doing their best to imitate kings and knights errant and tyrants of old, all the while pretending to honor free votes and governments of the people, for the people and by the people, when in fact they despise “the people” and know that they, the elite, must run things so the boobs won’t mess it all up and by the way they can make a fair pile while they’re at it.