Friday, October 9, 2009


The Province of BC has been busily spending hundreds of millions of dollars changing our health plans into computer info.


Except for the fraud now being charged against a doctor and a former top bureaucrat, who appear to have been helping themselves and their relatives to much of the spoils.

Where was the oversight?

At whose desk does the buck stop?

What is now called "eHealth" is all the rage in every jurisdiction in the western world.


Meanwhile try not to lose all the money to home-grown crooks.


And speaking of the IOC (see below), while it is some kind of national crime to wear T-shirts that may laugh at the Olympics, it doesn't bother the IOC in the least that The Bay has done cheap and cheesy rip-offs of Cowichan designs in making their "official" 2010 sweaters.

The Bay says it is not a Cowichan sweater.

Yes, we can see that.

This is becoming downright Orwellian.

A sweater is only a sweater when we say it is.


We've been talking the past few days about that Uber-Government, the IOC.

Today, we can focus on how they trump everything, even the Canadian Charter.

Girls want to jump.

Boys jump.

Why shouldn't girls.

Jump, as in off ski hills. As in, at Olympic events.

But the IOC in its omniscience has decided that boys, while they cannot cry, they can jump.

Girls cannot, must not jump.


Because they menstruate?

Because they have small ankles.

No one knows except that great scientist, Jaques Rogge. He sidelines as the IOC boss.

The courts here in Canada have already decided that the IOC decision to keep women from ski jumping is unconstitutional.

But, as we all know by now, the IOC is a law unto itself. And it could care less what Canadian Parliament or courts have to say in its matters.

And their great defender now is allegedly Canadian, Dick Pound-it-up-your-ass.


Gordon Campbell likes the world to know that he reads a lot.

That's nice.

How then does he explain the following?

The Arts and Culture branch of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts has cut all provincial funding from the Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia (ABPBC), BC BookWorld newspaper and the B.C. Association of Magazine Publishers (BCAMP).

The amounts are minuscule ($45,000 from one agency, $31,000 from another), but they are enormous to the folks left holding the empty library bags.

The Olympics and all its obscene expenditures run on like a driver less Hummer in fifth gear, but support for books and publishing is gone without even a day's notice.

Gordon Campbell has become the Slum Landlord of the Mind.

If this man had any judgement whatsoever, he has now clearly lost it.

May we please elect another government.



Robert Dziekanski's mother has filed a lawsuit alleging excessive force and “cruel and unusual” treatment by the four RCMP officers who stunned her son with a Taser.

Zofia Cisowski is suing the four officers, the Canadian and British Columbia governments, and the Vancouver airport, where Mr. Dziekanski collapsed and died after being stunned by Mounties in October 2007.

The Crown did not charge the four RCMP officers who murdered Dziekanski, saying that they acted with reasonable force in the circumstances.

The famous Stapler Attack.

I approve entirely of this lawsuit.

The Goldman family found some small measure of satisfaction in suing that famous and beloved and innocent, non-killer, O.J. Simpson.

When all of the public officials involved in a clear miscarriage of justice walk away Scott free, a civil suit is appropriate and be the most reasonable remedy.