Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Susan Still Bangs the Drum - As She Should

To the Editor - Re: 'Accelerate financial relief with those billions.'

Small Businesses will lead Canada's recovery, according a recent CIBC

I guess we, the small businesses, can only lead our province and country's
recovery -
if our government doesn't succeed in ploughing us under when they build
public infrastructure projects.

October is Small Business Month in BC.

Campbell has his legacy on his mind. So do we.
Ours has been de-railed, and all our efforts to build a sturdy financial
future have been expropriated so that our Gordfather can pad his resume.

The Small Business Minister Kevin Krueger spent half an hour at the Board of
Trade this week praising our sector as essential to the economic well-being
of our Province. Unless of course, you get in the way of profits for
government projects. They are setting a precedent with this secretive Canada
Line project, that Governments can destroy your life's work at will. This is

There's all kinds of Campbell cash available to top up Canada Line's tank -
even when they gamble and lose our tax dollars in such careless investments
as the sub-prime mortgage market - there's Campbell with another $56 million
to bail out and prop up Canada Line.

Where is the support - where is the propping up of the very group who have
filled the Provincial coffers with billions in tax revenue for years and

On the Train to Nowhere.

Enough is enough.
The baskets and banners and pretty sidewalks through the Cambie Village will
do nothing to restore the livelihoods of all who have been forced into
bankruptcy by this project.

Compensation is deserved, and long overdue. There is nothing to celebrate
until this is rectified.

Susan Heyes
3190 Cambie St
604 687-0721

The Fight for Reason, Knowledge and Understanding Continue...

Pardon me while I gloat.

Yesterday I posted Margaret Kopala's editorial from the Ottawa Citizen in defense of the RCMP's stance against Insite.

Today, the Sun published the same piece.

Then, pardon me, while I cry.

Opiate trial results are encouraging

We have to overcome our squeamishness and start using what works for addiction

This was the editorial headline in the Sun this morning.

Giving heroin and other substitutes to addicts is the oldest strategy in the books. There is nothing new and nothing holy or encouraging or effective about it.

It is a defeatist, cynical approach that says, "You cannot be helped, so we will keep you doped up in the hope that you will steal less from us."

This latest Dr. Frankenstein obscenity cost $8 Million, which monies could have provided treatments spaces for 160 real men and women.

It is bad enough that the nutty psudo-scientists and social engineers promote these hollow ideas.

That the press trumpets them is horrifying.