Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Great response to Last Week's Column

Dear Editor,

Thank you for letting David Berner to give it straight to the public re: Libby Davies and the brothel battles. Libby Davies MP for Vancouver East has not done one thing to advocate for adequate detox, stabilization and recovery for the poor women in her Riding who want to get off drugs, and off the street. I recently sat and talked with several desperate women who had managed to get through the obscenely long detox wait, and were then were facing the deplorable 6 weeks to 2 months wait to get into recovery (anywhere in B.C.) with nowhere to go except back to the street and addiction, or emergency centres full of drug users.

When I went to Libby Davies about this situation years ago she dismissed it saying, "Oh, that system doesn't work". It does work for those can manage the wait. Libby has always put her support into systems that help people to stay in their addictions, such as Harm Reduction which let's face it, is really Addiction Enabling. Now she thinks co-op brothels would be a great protection for these women.

Isn't that a bit like speeding away in your power boat, while abandoning your downing friends in shark infested waters, and telling them they'll be safer, if they get together with the other drowning people. Yes, that's so cutting edge, and so avant garde. Doesn't anyone realize NO ONE WANTS TO BE A DRUG ADDICT. Can't we just help them out of it, instead of trying to capitalize on their misery.

Pastor Gloria KielerLiving Waters Mission782 E. Hasting St. V6A 1R5604-251-2493